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I help mom entrepreneurs who are goal-oriented and are seeking more impact, influence, and money with online marketing and brand strategies.

about amanda

Hey! I'm Amanda, a social media, email, and brand strategist.I believe that creating content is essential to building your brand awareness online.After working with me, you will feel more confident in creating intentional content that is authentic to you, all while attracting dream clients and meeting your financial goals.I’m on a mission to help women earn more business and influence so that they can impact others with their message.My credentials are that I earned a BA in Communication Studies and a minor in Business from San Jose State University. I built all my social media platforms organically and launched a podcast and email list organically filled with my ideal clients.



My biggest passion is helping my clients build a community and connection with their target audience on social media .


I love working with clients who I can be friends with. Yes I think it's important to be professional but I also think there's a balance of being friends.


At the end of the day, you want professional work done and that's why I pride myself on using my corporate experience to make sure everything I deliver is professional whether that's answering questions or delivering my work to you.

Interesting facts you MUST know.

I'm a Latina, from the Bay Area but living in Las Vegas, Mama, Wife, Manifesting Generator, ENFP, and enneagram is 3x2. Do we have anything in common?


Case Study

I started working with my client Lisa in the middle of 2020. She never felt like she could express herself on social media. She felt confused about what to post and how to build a community that sees her as an expert.After working on her messaging and being consistent, she had her best quarter at $40k in revenue in 2021. Did I mention she had less than 2000 followers at the time?!She is continuing to use social media to grow her Instagram and email list.

Instagram account results

Brand Strategy - client

Becoming her - ana

Ana is an Etsy shop owner and TikTok creator. She found me through my content when I had less than 1k followers. She wants to inspire Latinas to break the cycle of trauma, and instead focus on their mindset and self-love through habits and journaling.

together we created:

  • A brand strategy for clarity on building a strong and loyal community that drives sales

  • A content strategy to attract new buyers

  • A repurposing strategy for TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest

  • An email strategy to convert leads to sales

the problem


She really wanted to sell more on Etsy for the brand "Becoming Her." She had a following but wanted a story to connect with her audience so she could stand out and drive more sales.


I wanted more clarity about my brand's content because I felt like I was just creating content but I had no strategy to create an actual brand.

the result

I finally have clarity about my brand and my target audience. I felt like I was just creating content, but I didn't know where I was going with it.
- Ana, Etsy shop and TikTok owner


Ready? Please book a free call below.


brand or Email strategy

Ready to elevate your business?

A full-day, 4-hour intensive for me to identify, strategize, and create your online personal brand because you deserve my undivided attention.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Have no time… endless back-and-forth emails… unclear timelines… resulting in frustration on all accounts, just to get your brand strategy or emails written… is so 2018.

Close your eyes and imagine this for a minute.

You wake up, pour your coffee and sit down to work on your business. Only instead of worrying about the dreaded unfinished brand strategy or email sequences that’s been hanging over your head, you now have a brand + email manager who has blocked off and dedicated her entire day to getting this done for you – in a day!

It’s 100% possible for you, and it’s exactly how I’ve designed my VIP program to get you one-day results!

This day isn’t about giving you a guide or template, this is about helping you stay accountable with making decisions for your brand that you've been putting off. When you work with me I will hand you prep work and it will help us maximize your day so you can cross off the things on your to-do list.

Here's what we can accomplish in our day together, please pick one:


Build the foundation of your business and get clear about your WHY and WHO. Plus get a 60 day content content calendar for your social media.


On Brand Email Strategy + Email Sequence for your Funnel/Monthly Newsletters written for your brand

Ultimately, you’ll be able to confidently identify how you are different resulting in your target audience coming to YOU without needing to go hunt them down or hustle 24/7.


Here's what makes my process different

My process is based on you getting clarity about your target audience and brand messaging first, then we can build your brand content or email strategy. Too many people are showing are only posting trendy content, and it's no wonder why you don't know how to stand out in the market.

Client love

why working with me equals faster results

  • You will save money on Facebook ads because you will clearly define your target audience

  • You will save time researching new content or emails

  • You will stop wasting time on different marketing strategies

  • You will stop wasting time creating content that doesn't convert to clients

  • You will stop wasting time not knowing what to email your prospects


  • A four (4) hour intensive to clarify, build, create, or refine your brands or email strategy

  • Midday check-in

  • My entire focus on your project

  • Your delivered brand strategy or email strategy depending on what is agreed upon

  • 3 weeks of Voxer support to clarify or go over any email, brand, or social media content

how it works:

step 1 - apply

Apply with the link below. I will then review and email you if you qualify.

step 2 - pre-work

Once payment and contract are handled, I will send you a questionnaire to fill out. Then I will review it and depending on your answers we will need to get a few brand clarity foundations in place that will help with your email or content strategy.

step 3 - kickoff call

I will review your pre-work. Then I will send you the link to book your kickoff call. This 45-minute call will be scheduled 1-2 days prior to the intensive and this is an opportunity to review all of the pre-work, talk strategy, answer questions, and go over expectations.

step 4 - intensive day

This 4 hour intensive will be the time I dedicate to your project and it includes a midday check in. Deliverables will be sent to you after the 4 hours.

step 5 - 3 week voxer support

We can cover email list growth, launch planning, evergreen content, lead generation, and brand loyalty.



My clients can’t believe how much we get done in a day. Are you ready to find out what we can do for YOU in YOUR day?

Ask Amanda


Are you spending hours watching YouTube videos about email sequences, social media, or brand strategy? Need personalized advice in one key area? If this sounds like you, you can get an action plan and start implementing it right away to progress your sales with support.You can use this week to bounce ideas off me and receive feedback to your burning questions.

Client Love

Here's what's included:

✅ Unlimited access to Amanda's private Voxer channel for one week (Available: Mon-Fri, 10am - 6pm PST)
✅ Gain the clarity you need through a mix of voice and text messaging
✅ Submit your content, brand stories, or email marketing materials for review, audit, or in-depth feedback

this is perfect for You if need someone with experience and strategy to help you!

LImited spaces available!!

Amanda's Portfolio

Social Media posts

Social Media posts

Email marketing

Video Content Planning and Strategy


Does this sound like you?

You're spending too much time coming up with ideas for your social content. You watch Reels/TikToks for hours but can never seem to figure out how to implement them to your brand. Enter- my video content planning service.

Here's what you get:

I'll take the time to understand you, your business, and your goals. Then I'll map out monthly content in an efficient calendar google sheet that is extremely detailed. Video editing coaching and tips is also included. All you have to do is execute.

What does it include:

  • One hour kickoff meeting call

  • One hour monthly content planning call

  • Regular communication via Slack

  • Research into your niche and expert analysis of content that gets you towards your goals

  • Content planning in a monthly content calendar

  • Reels/TikTok shot lists with reference video, soundbite, and word for word text overlay to be applied Every 2 weeks cadence OR monthly


  • $450/12 MONTH

  • $650/16 MONTH

  • $850/20 MONTH

  • $1250/28 MONTH

**For maximum social media growth, you really want to put out more content so that you have more chances of people seeing your content. For that reason, I would recommend at least 20 videos a month.


  • I'll send you a questionnaire to gather information about your goals and posting cadence.

  • I offer 3 month contract minimum.

  • The start date is subject to availability- we'll sign a work agreement and invoices come on the 1st of the month with a 7 day payment period

  • Give us a week and we'll come in hot with a plan to set your social strategy on fire!

** Depending on when you inquire you might be placed on a waitlist.